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28 July 2018

How to Care for Your Children’s Eyes

Children’s eye care should begin at a very early age, whether they have a family history of vision problems or not. Opthalmologists recommend having your child’s eyes tested at six months of age, again at three years, and then again before they start primary school.

12 July 2018
8 Contact Lens Tips While You’re Travelling

8 Contact Lens Tips While You’re Travelling

1. Limit contact lens wear during a flight.

Top of the list is to try and limit wearing your contact lenses during a flight. Disposable contact lenses are predominantly made of water, with some contact lenses comprising up to 69% water content.

27 June 2018
Multifocal Contact Lenses (Part 2) – Monthly

Multifocal Contact Lenses (Part 2) – Monthly

Welcome to Part 2 of our 2-Part series exploring the world of multifocal contact lenses. Here in Part 2, we explore what’s available in the monthly multifocal contact lens category…

Multifocal contact lenses are used to solve the age-related eye condition of not being able to focus eyesight between different distances. Generally this starts to happen after 40 as your natural lens inside your eye starts to become thicker and inflexible, not allowing you to focus and accommodate changes in focal points. So tasks such as sewing, reading fine print or looking at a menu in a dimly lit restaurant may be harder to do.

11 June 2018

Multifocal Contact Lenses (Part 1) – Daily

Welcome to Part 1 of a 2-Part article exploring the world of multifocal contact lenses. Here in Part 1, we explore what’s available in the daily multifocal contact lens category…

If you are under 40 and reading this article it may not be that relevant for you, as instances of multifocal correction under 40 are less common in the contact lens wearing population. However, if you are edging over 40 and beginning to have difficulty reading in low light or reading small print, then this article could help you transition into your 40s without having to start wearing a pair of reading glasses or searching for your slippers.

1 June 2018
13 May 2018
New AquaComfort Plus? The difference between Alcon and CIBAVISION…

New AquaComfort Plus? The difference between Alcon and CIBAVISION…

Since your last order of AquaComfort Plus daily contact lenses, you may have noticed that the packaging of the product has recently changed. Unless you have only just been prescribed this product recently, you will most likely recognise the AquaComfort Plus product as being previously fulfilled in a light aquamarine coloured box, with small bubbles.

4 May 2018

What is Monovision?

Monovision is the name for specific prescriptive contact lenses designed and fitted for patients with presbyopia. These prescriptive contact lenses act as a form of treatment for this age-related deterioration of vision, helping a patient to adjust their focus on objects near and far.

29 April 2018

What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism, like nearsightedness and farsightedness, is a refractive problem, meaning it is not an eye health issue. To put it simply, astigmatism is an optical defect that is caused by the cornea or lens being stretched in an irregular shape. If you can imagine a normal cornea being shaped like a cricket ball (minus the stitches!), someone with astigmatism will have a cornea that is shaped like a football (corneal astigmatism) – and this will naturally affect their quality of vision.

21 April 2018

If it’s good enough to drink? Why contact lenses and tap water aren’t a good combination

If you have ever read a blog about contact lenses, you are likely to have come across the advice that you should never wash or store lenses in tap water. Do you know the reason why? Brace yourself – it doesn’t make for entirely pleasant reading.

13 April 2018

Contact lens solution – are you using it correctly?

Multipurpose solutions have undoubtedly made caring for contact lenses infinitely easier. What could be more convenient than a one size fits all approach to ensuring lenses are safe to wear?

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