Guide for Choosing Coloured Contact Lenses

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29 August 2013

Thanks to coloured contact lenses, the desire to have a different eye colour can become a reality. However, because of the range of shades in which contact lenses are available, selecting a colour to wear can be difficult. In fact, upon trying out various shades, some wearers have to abandon preconceived notions about the colours that will suit them best.

However, the effect and suitability of some coloured contact lenses can definitely be enhanced through the appropriate use of make-up. Many coloured contact lenses need to be worn with some eye make-up so that the colour is blended with skin colour and the rest of the face to create a natural appearance.

For people with a dark skin colour, honey or Autumn shades can look very effective, creating a sense of mischief and even making the eyes appear tiger-like. For a cooler look, amethyst and misty grey shades often work well.

Bright shades of contact lens can work very well with skin that is olive or tanned. A bright shade of green can make the eyes shine, but green make up and make up in shades of blue should be avoided.

For people with fair skin, blue and grey shades of coloured contact lenses are recommended. Bright and shiny colours can look amazing on people with such a skin tone, and shades of purple can also look beautiful.

Always be sure to talk with a medical professional before wearing any contact lenses.


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