Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the contact lenses at OzContacts so much cheaper than my optometrist?

Many optometrists have their practices and storefronts located in high-priced locations in busy shopping centres, and therefore there is often a higher mark-up on the price of contact lenses when purchased from these physical stores. Because OzContacts is an online store, we do not have all the overheads of a brick-and-mortar storefront that many optical retailers are burdened by. So we pass our savings on to you!

Rest assured, all of the contact lenses on our website are exactly the same products as those sold through your optometrist, sourced from within Australia, direct from the four major manufacturers (Johnson & Johnson, Alcon, CooperVision, and Bausch + Lomb). All of the contact lenses ordered through OzContacts have expiry dates of at least 18 months and most commonly within the range of 2-5 years, so you can feel absolutely confident in the quality of your product when you are buying a bulk quantity!

How long will it take to receive my contact lenses after I place my order?

We aim to fulfill orders within two business days, then ship them out to you via one of two shipping options: (a) Australia Post's Standard eParcel service (5-7 business days); or (b) Australia Post's Express eParcel service (3-4 business days).

Once your lenses go out the door, you will receive an email with your Australia Post tracking number, which you can use to check the status of your delivery via Australia Post's Tracking page.

What is the cost of delivery?

From now until 31 May 2019, place any contact lens order of any value and we’ll ship your order to any Australian address for FREE!

If you need your lenses in a hurry, have no fear... we've also slashed our Express Shipping fee to an unbeatable $3!

I am a member of a private healthfund. Am I eligible for a rebate on my purchase?

Yes! Members of all major health funds in Australia are eligible for a rebate on their contact lens purchase from OzContacts. Most health funds allow members to claim up to $200 per annum for optical-related expenses.

When your order has physically shipped, we will include an official health fund receipt with your package which includes all of the details (Item Number, Healthfund Provider Number) that you will need to claim back on your purchase. And don't worry: if for any reason you misplace your receipt between your purchase and the time you come to claim, you can always get in touch with us, and we can send you an additional copy via email.

To lodge your rebate claim, simply present your OzContacts invoice to your health fund. Easy!

I wear clear contact lenses, but am interested in purchasing coloured lenses also. What do you recommend?

Unfortunately we can only dispense lenses based on what your optometrist has specifically prescribed for you; we can’t prescribe or recommend a new product for you. If you were hoping to wear a coloured contact lens, we would recommend that you get in touch with your optometrist, who can fit you up for this new product, and provide trial lenses for you to try out for colour and comfort under professional supervision.

You may have noticed that many colour contact lenses have different Base Curves (BC), Diameters (DIA), Materials and Powers/Spheres when compared to clear contacts. All of these factors are important in ensuring that you are getting exactly what you need to be able to see, so we strongly recommend that you discuss with your optometrist whether a coloured contact lens is available in the unique requirements of your eyes.

There are usually quite a number of reasons for your optometrist prescribing you one lens over another (fit, lens material, permeability, water content, wearing schedule, lifestyle, and your unique patient history). Unfortunately, we are not in the position to know all of the factors that have gone into calculating your current prescription. Thank you for understanding.

I don’t require corrective contacts. Does OzContacts sell non-prescription (i.e. Plano/0.00) colour contact lenses?

Here at OzContacts, we specialise in providing Australians with corrective (i.e. prescription) contact lenses at everyday low prices. Because our primary focus is on vision correction, we only stock colour contact lenses in the powered variety. NB: Wearing coloured contacts in their lowest powers (i.e -0.25/+0.25) when correction is not required will obscure your vision, and in some instances, can cause damage your eye sight.

If we notice that you have selected the lowest power of a coloured lens, we will give you quick courtesy call shortly after you place your order, just to confirm that you have not made a mistake in the order process.

Do the Base Curve (BC) and Diameter (DIA) matter when ordering?

Most definitely. The Base Curve and Diameter parameters exist to ensure a proper fit of the lens in your eye, and the correct magnification of light through the lens. Only lenses with the the exact Base Curve and Diameter that your optometrist has prescribed for you will give you the proper fit.

Usually this question is asked by someone who is hoping to order a product other than that which their optometrist has prescribed for them. Unfortunately, there are many more factors which your optometrist will have taken into account when prescribing you one lens over all others (e.g. lens material, permeability, water content, wearing schedule, lifestyle, and your unique patient history).

If you were wishing to wear a lens other than what your optometrist has selected for you, there is usually a reason. It may be that you are experiencing discomfort with your current lens, and are seeking a more comfortable fitting lens. Or it may be that you wish to change your wearing schedule from a monthly or fortnightly lens, to perhaps a daily disposable lens. Whatever the reason, if you are not comfortable with the lens that your optometrist has prescribed for you, we strongly suggest that you consult with your optometrist who can make an informed decision about the suitability of a different lens for you.

I wear glasses and currently have a prescription for spectacles. Can I simply refer to the powers from my spectacles prescription to order contacts lenses?

Unfortunately not. A glasses prescription is NOT the same as a contact lens prescription. Contact lenses sit closer to your eye than glasses, and so will often require completely different powers to take into account the shorter distance that the light needs to refract into your eye. Not only that, but your optometrist will also need to measure your eyes to ensure that the lens is the correct size to be able to fit in your eye. These are precise measurements that only your optometrist can perform for you.

If you currently wear glasses and are hoping to integrate contact lenses into your wearing schedule, we would recommend that you get in touch with your optometrist, who can fit you up for contact lenses, and provide trial lenses for you to try out for suitability. As soon as your optometrist has provided you with a contact lens prescription, we would love to help you out with whichever product they have prescribed you.

Can I order for myself and someone else on the same receipt?

We recommend that each order consist of the lenses for one wearer only. This is important, because your health fund may require an individualised receipt in order to claim a rebate on the invoice amount. After your order has been processed, we are unable to split the particulars of the order into two separate receipts for the purposes of claiming.

If you were hoping to purchase lenses for yourself and a person other than yourself, we would recommend that you lodge the other person’s order separately, with their own email address. This will ensure that a separate receipt is generated and that products are not confused.

If you have any questions whatsoever before placing your order, please feel free to get in touch with any of our friendly team.

I have accidentally ordered the incorrect product. Can I return it?

Of course. While we do recommend that you take care in reviewing your order before and after you have submitted it, we understand that sometimes mistakes do happen. Please see our Returns Policy for more details.

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